Solar Incentives for St. Mary’s County

Maryland has an extremely high cost of electricity (13th highest in the US) and with the average cost increasing by 4.35% every year, many Maryland homeowners are looking for alternatives from the traditional electric companies. Solar is a great option for many, made even more affordable through State, Local, and Federal incentives.  In this article, […]

Maryland Experiences Highest Jump in Electricity Costs Since 2008

Have you noticed your electricity bill being higher than normal? If yes, you’re not alone! As Maryland electricity rates continue to rise at a rapid pace, we decided to see just how much the cost has increased over recent years. The rate for residental electricty has increased by over 14% since 2022, meaning you will pay a much […]

Great News for Solar in Maryland!

The Maryland Public Service Commission recently announced an amendment to Maryland’s net metering program that greatly benefits solar customers; solar homeowners can now elect to have their excess credits accrue indefinitely. To understand why that’s such a big deal, read below! What is Net Metering? Net metering is a billing arrangement used by utility companies that allows solar […]

Comparing Batteries to Generators

If you are interested in back-up power for your home, you have two practical options: generators or batteries. Generators are the more traditional option and run on natural gas, typically propane or diesel. They are hooked up to the home’s main service panel with a transfer switch. This switch allows for proper electrical distribution and prevents backfeeding (stops any […]

Renting with Solar: A New Source of Cash Flow

The Proposition You have a rental house with a tenant. The tenant has a fixed rental payment and also pays for all utilities, including electricity. It’s great you are getting money, but did you know there is a way to get even more, without increasing the cost to the tenant?  If you install a solar system […]

Comparing Solar to the Stock Market

“Only a 10% return on investment?! I’ll just take the money I’d use to buy solar and just invest it, getting way better returns. Pass.” We’ve been selling solar for almost a decade so we are fairly used to this objection. Firstly, we’d like to say congratulations! Averaging a 10% return is great, but it does overlook […]

Solar Incentives in Maryland

In an earlier blog post that can be found here, we showed how to calculate if it makes sense to make the switch to solar. However, it’s important to understand all the programs in Maryland that make it so affordable. You don’t want to rely on these incentives, only to figure out that you don’t qualify! See […]

Filing for the Federal EV Charger Tax Credit

Introduction So it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year- tax season! There’s also more good news: you had an EV charger installed, and now it’s time to claim that tax credit. Before we get started, please see this standard disclaimer: This guide is offered as basic instruction only and is not meant as professional tax […]

Does Solar Make Sense for My House?

Ten years ago, seeing solar on homes was a relatively rare occurrence. We’ve been installing solar since 2016, so we’ve always kept an eye out for other systems. Driving to and from our job sites, I was always surprised at how little solar I saw. Fast forward to today, its virtually impossible to go outside […]

What’s the Best Way to Pay for Solar?

So you want to stop overpaying for electricity and start creating your own power but want to understand the different financing options available? We’ve got you covered. See below for a breakdown of the ways that you can pay for solar. Cash This one is the easiest to understand. Buying the solar system with cash […]