LED Lighting & Retrofits

Completing well over several hundred commercial lighting retrofits in Southern Maryland in the past two years alone, we are the only electrical contractor in Southern Maryland focused exclusively on the lighting retrofit. The lighting industry has changed dramatically in the past few years with LEDs leading the way. We provide the best possible lighting solution because of unmatched and extensive project experience and knowledge of new product offerings. More importantly, we maintain unique pricing and sourcing agreements with both 1st line manufacturers and major supply houses. 

The first step is a no-cost lighting analysis focused on the existing fixtures. Our report will statistically and honestly demonstrate the savings.

LED Analysis & Signs

We will bring you up to speed on the rapid advances which have been made in LEDs which deliver better employee and customer experiences. 

LED sign technology has also made a compelling case for every exterior fluorescent sign to be retrofitted and every high energy ballast to be eliminated. Signs which have been converted to utilize LEDs are brighter, produce a better light distribution, and are 75% more efficient than conventional sign lighting. Moreover, they last five times longer because there are no gasses to burn or filaments to break so maintenance costs are also reduced by the same amount.

SMECO Programs for LED Lighting

We will provide you with the anticipated SMECO rebate information and payback projections you need to make your lighting decisions. We have been a SMECO Trade Ally since 2011 and through the Prescriptive Lighting and Small Business Solutions programs. We handle all paperwork and make sure you take advantage of all possible rebates. Qualifying commercial businesses typically receive between 30% to 80% rebates towards the project cost. In fact, since 2011, we have administered over $2,000,000 in rebates. We perform commercial lighting retrofits in the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, academic, professional services … well, frankly, all sectors. Give us a call to schedule a visit.


We are a locally vested company which thrives on quality work and referrals.