Who We Are

A full-service energy firm offering both energy-conserving and energy-producing solutions. Our cost effective projects improve the financial energy future of our clients.

A Different Approach

We operate a unique business model that doesn’t offer just part of an energy solution but rather offers a comprehensive approach which provides a selection of options. We provide a custom solution which accounts for which options have the most attractive payback periods.

For over fifteen years, we have been providing production and conservation solutions which work individually or as a whole. Fully licensed and staffed to provide Energy Analysis for your home or commercial buildings, LED Lighting and Sign Retrofits, Solar Systems, EV Charging Stations, and Blower Door & Duct Testing.

This field is our passion. It is always changing and innovations in harnessing, storing, and utilizing are continuously producing exciting developments. They each need to make economic sense. We are on the leading edge of the technology and look forward to getting you up to speed with your best Energy Select solution.