Pole-Mount Solar Installations

Pole-mount solar installations are a unique style of ground-mounted solar panels. With a typical low-side height of 8 feet versus 3 feet, the key difference from regular ground-mounted solar panels is the height.

Advantages of Pole-Mount Solar

While there is typically a 30% cost premium to install a pole-mounted solar system, there are some advantages that make the extra investment worthwhile for certain customers.

Solar Parking

The number one interest for pole-mount solar is the ability to park vehicles. This can be as simple as a solar parking canopy in a residential driveway or as complex as a parking lot solar canopy in a commercial parking lot. For large-scale commercial solar canopy installations, there are additional incentives when coupled with EV charging.


Cars are not the only thing you can put under pole-mounted solar. There is a ton of space to store additional equipment and supplies. The area is not waterproof, but the solar panels will provide a layer of protection.

Livestock and Crops

Farms / Agricultural solar is our most common pole-mount solar project. In Southern Maryland, our farming customers use the pole-mounted solar panels as shading for livestock, however, around the country, farms have integrated their solar with crops.

solar and lovestock

Shading Height 

The closer the solar panels are to the ground, the more shading sources like trees and buildings can affect solar production. Because pole-mount solar panels are higher than traditional ground-mounted solar panels, shading could be less of a factor.