Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation

While your solar energy system might last for decades, a lot can happen in that amount of time and you may need to remove and reinstall your solar panels. The most common issue we see from our Southern Maryland neighbors is related to roof storm damage.

Solar is a great investment that you want to protect, so you don’t want just anybody handling your solar panels. Even if a panel looks fine from the outside, micro-cracking on the inside can hurt your solar system production. You’ll want a trained team of solar experts working with your system and making sure all the connections are up to code and free from any fire hazards.

We work with many great, local, roofers and storm repair companies, so if you need help finding someone to do other aspects of the job, we can help there too!

What if you didn’t install my panels?

Most of the solar panel removal and reinstallation requests we get are from customers with systems installed by another solar company. Often the original company went out of business, or it’s a leased system from a larger, national solar installer. The solar leasing companies will often make their customers wait months to have their panels removed.

We give the same care to a solar removal and reinstall as we do with our regular solar installation customers. We’ve been in Southern Maryland for 20 years and we’re not going anywhere. We need to serve all our neighbors the best we can.

Our Solar Removal and Reinstallation Process

Solar arrays contain delicate circuits, as well as hundreds of electrical connections that can be easily damaged if handled improperly. Panels must be stored in a safe place when they’re not on your roof to avoid damage. We handle all of these technical aspects for you so the system works exactly as designed and hopefully even a little better than before.

  1. Solar System  Assessment
    Our team will make sure we understand every aspect of your solar system. While panels are usually very similar, the rankings and solar inverters can be very different.
  2. Removal Scheduling
    Our operations team will work directly with you to time your removal so you can get the most use out of your solar panels before removing them.
  3. Storage
    We’ll work with you to find a safe place for the racking and solar panels on your property.
  4. Installation Scheduling
    Once the reason you need to remove the panels is addressed, we can schedule your installation date.
  5. Reinstallation and Final Inspection
    We’ll reinstall all of your solar system components and replace any damaged hardware that we could not salvage from the original system. Once re-installed, we conduct a final safety and technical inspection to make sure everything is in top-notch condition. All of our service work comes with our standard 1-year workmanship warranty.

We’d love to provide a free estimate of your solar panel removal and reinstallation. Give us a call at 301-475-6727, or click here to tell us about your project.