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True Energy Independence: Solar Battery Backup

The Old Solar & Battery Frustrations

There are huge advantages to being connected to the power grid. Net metering allows you to give day-time overproduction to the grid and take it back from the grid at night. As great as this is, we hear two common frustrations with solar and batteries: 1) When the grid goes down, the solar system shuts down, and 2) battery backups are either too expensive or too small to cover anything except a few essentials.

The frustration was real, but it’s over now.

Stay on when the grid is off
Energy Select joined industry leaders to offer a complete energy hub solution where you can have all the efficiencies of being grid-tied with the independence of being off-grid.

  • Increase energy independence from the grid
  • Avoiding main panel upgrades
  • Generator compatible
  • Enhanced consumption monitoring
When the power goes out, you can have the full power of your solar system during the day, with overproduction charging your battery. At night you can use your battery backup system to keep you up and running. There are Maryland state and Federal battery backup incentives when coupled with solar that can cover up to 50% of the investment.

Geek Speak

  • Inverter 99.2%+ efficiency
  • Each inverter can handle up to two LG-Chem batteries and up to three inverters can be used to get more backup power (up to six batteries) for big power users.
  • Backup interface includes automatic transfer switch (ATS) and option l generator hookups when more power is needed.
  • Improved efficiency over other whole-house battery systems. DC power produced from the solar panels is directly stored in the battery without conversion loss.
  • Support for generators for extreme power needs.

Old Battery Setup

New Energy Hub

Backup Supply

Critical loads (25 amps)

Partial/Full home backup (up to 200 amps)

Backup loads

Selected loads

Whole home backup

Consumption Monitoring

Extra Add-on


Max Backup Capacity

~20kWh (2x10kWh)

~60kWh (3 x 2 x 10kWh)

Max Continuous backup power


15kW (using 3 inverters)

System efficiency



Preconfigured for EV charging



Drive on Sunshine
The energy hub is ready to connect a Level 2 smart EV charger without additional equipment. Even if you don’t have an electric vehicle yet, you’ll be ready to get going with a hassle-free installation when the time comes. By pulling DC electricity from your solar system, there is no conversion loss in charging your DC car battery