We have been your local, Southern Maryland energy solution since 2002. We are a full-service energy firm offering both energy-conserving and energy-producing solutions through Solar installation, LED Lighting retrofits, and Energy Analysis.


We are your local solution! We are a fully insured, accredited, and licensed electrical contractor. Our employees perform both project management and every aspect of the solar installation. This approach focuses our attention on your return investment, quality workmanship, and your complete satisfaction from rebate application to final grid connection.

We answered the call from our hundreds of clients who wanted to 100% own their system and were looking for a reputable, non-aggressive solar company that wanted to deliver a system that was right for the customer’s individual needs.

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Completing well over several hundred commercial lighting retrofits in Southern Maryland in the past two years alone, we are the only electrical contractor in Southern Maryland focused exclusively on the lighting retrofit. The lighting industry has changed dramatically in the past few years with LEDs leading the way. We provide the best possible lighting solution because of unmatched and extensive project experience and knowledge of new product offerings.


An Energy Analysis is a scientific approach to evaluate the energy usage and potential of a home or building and its components. Our energy consultant will use a variety of measurement tools, his or her technical knowledge and professional experience to measure and analyze your current energy scenario.

The end result will be a detailed written report and associated proposal detailing specific steps that can be taken to achieve the intended goals – such as saving money and increasing comfort. Typical retrofits include air sealing, added insulation, and HVAC equipment replacement. We provide the report in person and thoroughly discuss your options.