Solar Incentives for St. Mary’s County

Maryland has an extremely high cost of electricity (13th highest in the US) and with the average cost increasing by 4.35% every year, many Maryland homeowners are looking for alternatives from the traditional electric companies. Solar is a great option for many, made even more affordable through State, Local, and

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Solar Incentives for St. Mary’s County

Maryland has an extremely high cost of electricity (13th highest in the US) and with the average cost increasing by 4.35% every year, many Maryland homeowners are looking for alternatives

Great News for Solar in Maryland!

The Maryland Public Service Commission recently announced an amendment to Maryland’s net metering program that greatly benefits solar customers; solar homeowners can now elect to have their excess credits accrue indefinitely. To understand

Comparing Batteries to Generators

If you are interested in back-up power for your home, you have two practical options: generators or batteries. Generators are the more traditional option and run on natural gas, typically propane or diesel.

Comparing Solar to the Stock Market

“Only a 10% return on investment?! I’ll just take the money I’d use to buy solar and just invest it, getting way better returns. Pass.” We’ve been selling solar for

Solar Incentives in Maryland

In an earlier blog post that can be found here, we showed how to calculate if it makes sense to make the switch to solar. However, it’s important to understand all

Does Solar Make Sense for My House?

Ten years ago, seeing solar on homes was a relatively rare occurrence. We’ve been installing solar since 2016, so we’ve always kept an eye out for other systems. Driving to

What’s the Best Way to Pay for Solar?

So you want to stop overpaying for electricity and start creating your own power but want to understand the different financing options available? We’ve got you covered. See below for

Going Off-Grid with Solar in Maryland

Are you considering going off-grid in Maryland and relying on solar power as your primary energy source? Before making the switch, there are crucial factors to consider to ensure a

Solar Grants for Farms in Maryland

In a landscape where sustainable practices are increasingly imperative, the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) emerges as a beacon of opportunity. This initiative offers a comprehensive support system, combining

How to Save (Even More) with a Solar Loan

Thinking of going solar but unsure of the best financing options? You might want to consider a solar loan that allows for reammortization. This powerful tool can dramatically reduce your monthly payments

Filing for the Federal Solar Tax Credit

Congratulations! You have a solar system. Your meter is spinning backward. Your electric bill is something to brag about. You’re even saving the planet. Now it’s time to get some

Does Free Solar Exist in Maryland?

If you’ve been looking into going solar online, you’ve likely seen advertisements promoting “Free Solar”, “No Cost Solar, “Free Solar Panel Installation”, or a combination of something similar. Oftentimes, these

Are Farms Good Candidates for Solar?

This article delves into the data-driven evidence that positions farms as prime candidates for the renewable energy revolution, not just as decent options, but as potential solar powerhouses in the

A Step-by-Step Guide for Going Solar in Maryland

This comprehensive guide serves as your roadmap to look at solar objectively. We’ll delve into critical aspects, including assessing your home’s suitability for solar panels, navigating the incentives, and maximizing

Energy Select Joins Amicus Solar Cooperative

Energy Select, the lead solar energy provider in Western and Southern Maryland, has joined the Amicus Solar Cooperative, a collection of reputable solar installers dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction. This

Top Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill

Prices are on the rise everywhere, and it’s likely that your electric bill is no exception. If you’re searching for ways to reduce your electricity bill and save some money,

Dr. Morgan Taps into Commercial Solar Incentives

Dr. Morgan and Associates in Mechanicsville, MD is among the first medical offices in southern Maryland to install solar panels. The solar power generation system comprises 200, 315-watt solar panels for

Pole-Mount Solar Installations

Pole-mount solar installations are a unique style of ground-mounted solar panels. With a typical low-side height of 8 feet versus 3 feet, the key difference from regular ground-mounted solar panels is the

Ground-Mount Solar Panels: 4 pros and 2 cons

A ground-mount solar system can be a more efficient alternative to roof-top solar panels, but it is not the perfect solution for everyone. A ground-mount solar installation typically includes a

Understanding EV Charging Speed

Electric vehicle charging rates are all about how much energy you can transfer to the vehicle at any given moment. There are two measures we see of power: kilowatts (kW)

EV Charging Explained

Electric vehicles are great. They are fun, quiet, very responsive, and are less expensive to operate on a per-mile basis. Of course, you only get all those benefits if the

Lighting Up Your Retail Sales

Most retail owners know about marketing strategies such as product pricing, product placement, and promotion, but should product lighting be a consideration? Is it possible that with simple lighting adjustments

Energy Select joins the Maryland Green Registry

As part of our commitment to the environment, Energy Select is proud to have been accepted into that state-sponsored Maryland Green Registry. The Maryland Green Registry is a free program created to promote and

Daniel Horstkamp Earns Energy Board Certification

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) awarded Daniel Horstkamp of Energy Select its highest solar energy certification. The Photovoltaic Installation Professional (PVIP) board certification recognizes advanced expertise

Energy Select Receives Chamber’s Beacon Award

Energy Select received the annual Beacon Award from the Saint Mary’s County Chamber of Commerce in recognition of the company’s continued growth, excellence, community involvement, innovation, and leadership. The Chamber

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