Lighting in Hollywood, Maryland

With old T8 fluorescent tubes burning for 14 hours a day, 7-days a week, this LED lighting retrofit paid for itself in just over ten months. Not every job can pay for itself this fast, but it sure is fun when they do.

We replaced the old tubes with sleek, 2×4 flat panel LED lights, making it brighter, cheaper, and all-around better looking. This was the second laundromat we did for the same owner. We love helping folks and love it even more when they come back for more. The SMECO EmPOWER Maryland rebate on this project covers 77.5% of the cost of the project. With the SMECO deferred payment program that spreads the customer cost over 12 months and a 10 month pay off period, the laundromat was saving money on day one with even more savings coming after the 12-month deferral.