Blower Door Test

A blower door test is a great way to find the air tightness of a home or business. Air tightness refers to how outside air flows into or out of the building. Too much leakage impacts energy consumption, increases unwanted condensation, and creates drafty spots. 

In any energy conservation plan, the blower door test is the first step to conserving your expensive energy. The blower door test will highlight if you need additional insulation type measures and how much.   

We conduct a blower door test by mounting a powerful fan to an exterior door. The fan sucks the air out of the building to lower the air pressure inside. The difference in outside and inside air pressure causes the high pressure outside air to flow into the building through all the cracks and openings.

From there, by using our infrared camera, we can identify the highest priority areas to fix. Once the blower door test is complete and the results reviewed, we will make recommendations for improvements. In most cases, there are rebates available to help improve the return on investment of each recommended improvement. Insulation and an air seal retrofit have one of the highest rates of return from any energy conservation retrofit measures.

For homeowners, the blower door test is part of the Home Energy Improvement Program (HEIP).

For business, the blower door test is part of many of the comprehensive energy audits that we offer.