If you love helping people save money while saving the planet, then we have the perfect job for you! We are a full service energy consultant and contractor. We need help getting the word about about how we deliver solar panel installation, energy audits, lighting retrofits, and other money-saving services for both residential and commercial customers. This is more than sales… this is creative solution finding for homes and businesses. When we go into a potential customer, we look at the whole picture. Maybe a customer called about solar, but by making a handful of lighting and insulation changes, we may be able to reduce the size of the solar system and save even more money for the customer. No body else offers that and so you are poised to sell like nobody else sells. Reps are straight commission so there is a ton a freedom and support with no cap on what you earn.

General Labor

Like working with your hands? Are you on time? Play well with others? Need steady work in a growing company? Then we have a great opportunity for you. We need help in operations installing solar panels, setting up for lighting jobs, maintaining the warehouse, an other odd jobs.

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