Customized for You

We are on the leading edge of technology and we bring that advantage to you. We use state-of-the-art design tools to accurately size and position your solar system. With so many variables and choices, we bring customizable solutions.

Once we have a commitment to move forward, we will work with you on the best plan to make the solar system aesthetically pleasing. We always look for the best routing for your wiring. When that isn’t enough, it is possible to color match electric conduits to match siding, brick, and shingles.

Many roof solar system designs go around roof protrusions. If you wish, we can move vents, pipes, and other obstacles to create a more seamless look.

We do not always need to place solar panels on the roof. In some cases, after talking with customers, the best solution is a ground-mount or pole-mount solar system instead of the more traditional roof solar system.