Energy Select Embraces Greener Future in Allegany County

Article originally posted on the Allegany County Economic and Community Development website

When searching for a location for their new branch, Energy Select LLC President James Horstkamp says it was important for their future home to be in a dynamic location that would support their mission. Horstkamp says they found exactly what they were looking for in Allegany County.

Energy Select LLC is a full-service energy consulting and contracting company. They specialize in green energy systems for residential and commercial customers, including solar panel installation, energy audits, lighting retrofits, and other measures that conserve both power and money. The company also installs electric vehicle charging stations and solar storage batteries.

“We pride ourselves on looking at the ‘big picture’ to provide the best energy solutions,” Horstkamp says. “That includes balancing conservation and clean energy production, resulting in the ability to reduce the carbon footprint we are all leaving behind on our planet.”

In early 2022, Energy Select LLC was in the process of searching for a site for a new office in addition to its original Southern Maryland location. They were looking for somewhere that was supportive of their mission to make alternative energy solutions affordable and accessible, as well as a place where they could focus on reducing the business’ carbon footprint. Further, says Horstkamp, it was also crucial to position themselves in a location where they could offer their services to help customers facing rising energy costs find a more affordable solution and protect themselves from future rate hikes. 

“The clencher for me was when I was introduced to the Allegany County Economic and Community Development team,” Horstkamp says. “They sparked my interest further. I immediately saw that they had a talented group of individuals with a vision. They spoke passionately about the upcoming development and plans for the future. On the business end, they were instrumental in making the right connections, which was a great support during the process. I know I can always reach out to them for resources and support. Their passion for small businesses and the community is a recipe for success.”

Energy Select’s showroom is comfortable and welcoming, as customers can sit and discuss their needs with staff.

In June 2022, Energy Select LLC established operations in downtown Cumberland and hired their first Allegany County-based employee. Three people work there currently with support from Southern Maryland staff, says Horstkamp, and they’re looking to hire more.

Horstkamp says that one of Allegany County’s most defining features was its inviting business community. Its central location in Western Maryland also allows for easy access to clients in Washington and Garrett Counties. 

Horstkamp says that one of Allegany County’s most defining features was its inviting business community. Its central location in Western Maryland also allows for easy access to clients in Washington and Garrett Counties.

“We want to be embedded in the community,” says Horstkamp. “Our vision is to help businesses — and the community as a whole — by providing them with access to affordable green energy solutions and the opportunity for energy independence. Producing your power through solar is the most beneficial choice for the environment, as well as for people financially. 


The Energy Select team discuss a local electrification project.

In the future, we hope to say that we helped our clients with reducing their energy consumption, and we hope to form as many mutually beneficial relationships as we can.”

Equally encouraging, says Horstkamp, is the positivity and welcoming nature he sees in the county’s overall business climate.

“Through my interactions with the Downtown Development Commission, the Cumberland Economic Development Corporation, Frostburg’s Commissioner of Water, Parks, and Recreation Nina Forsythe, and Historic Preservation as well as local business leaders, I have been nothing short of impressed. The passion and motivation that the community leaders and business owners have are very impressive and contagious,” says Horstkamp. “I have rarely seen such strong partnerships between businesses and government agencies.”

With three local employees, James plans on hiring even more in the future.

“Cumberland is going through an incredible transformation because of the ongoing downtown revitalization,” says Horstkamp. “We want to be a part of the success and support this great initiative.”

For business owners considering a move to Allegany County, “Now is the time,” says Horstkamp. “Going in, you are going to find an area in transition, and if you get in on the ground floor, you can become an instrument of change and impact the area in a positive way.”