Energy Select’s Western Branch Powers into 2024 with the Completion of its 10th Solar Install

As the year 2024 unfolds, Energy Select celebrates a significant achievement with the successful completion of its 10th installation in the Western Maryland territory. This milestone marks a pivotal moment for the burgeoning branch, solidifying its prominent position in the region.

Situated at 119 Baltimore Street in Cumberland, MD, Energy Select’s office strategically serves Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The recent completion of their 10th solar system in Hagerstown adds to their impressive portfolio, which includes installations in Washington and Allegany County, with plans for further expansion into West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

A key factor in the branch’s success has been the recruitment of a Lead Energy Advisor, Rodney Oates, a native of Allegany County. Oates, who has deep roots in the community, having graduated from Allegany High School in 2004, expresses his enthusiasm for the role, stating, “This job gives me a chance to help the community. I help people stop overpaying for electricity and help create local jobs.”

Differentiating itself with a consultative approach, Energy Select, under Oates’ guidance, avoids high-pressure sales tactics. Oates engages potential customers by providing a solar solution while comparing it to their traditional electric bills, typically from providers like Potomac Edison or Hagerstown Light District. Oates emphasizes, “I love talking straight with people. Sometimes solar isn’t the best option. But I want to help them discover if it’s the right fit for them.”

Looking ahead to 2024, Energy Select remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering cost savings to homeowners and businesses. Oates asserts, “Our primary focus this year is to save homeowners and businesses as much money as possible. There are so many incentives that make solar affordable, and I would love to pass these savings on to our community.”

The completion of the 10th installation stands as a significant milestone for Energy Select, strengthening its presence in the local community. Oates reflects on the growing recognition, stating, “People are beginning to recognize us. This is extremely important as a local company since word of mouth is everything.”

As Energy Select powers into 2024, its dedication to providing sustainable energy solutions and contributing to the economic well-being of the community remains unwavering. Contact Energy Select today to see if solar is the right choice for your home or business!