Insulation & Air Seal

As we work with homes and businesses throughout Southern Maryland, we constantly see many heating and air conditioning systems that do not reach their potential because so much of the conditioned air is lost. This energy loss comes from gaps where air can leak in or out of the building, and inadequate, or damaged insulation. In most cases, a combination of improving insulation and air sealing is needed.


The worst and most common problems are usually inadequate attic insulation. Typically we’ll see only enough insulation to cover the base of the roof trusses. Not only is this insufficient, but it also leaves you open to thermal bridging. Trusses and studs have no insulating value, so you can lose a lot of your expensive, conditioned air through the frame of your home or business. There is an easy and cost-effective fix with blown-in insulation.

Air Seal

If you have good insulation then you have a good conductive barrier to heating and cooling losses. However, another major consideration when preventing heating and cooling loss is the convective (air) barrier. The older a home or building, the more common these holes will be and the losses add up over the years. Finding and sealing these holes with two-part cellulose foam allows your insulation to do its job and keep in all that expensive and conditioned air.

We are pleased to partner with the SMECO Home Energy Improvement Program (HEIP). SMECO will come to your home to perform a free energy analysis with specific recommendations on what can be done to improve your energy scenario. Not only will you see your home energy profile, but you will also receive free items such as LED bulbs and plug strips and unlock up to $7.500 in energy improvement rebates.

For business, we offer multiple levels of energy audit and analysis to find the best solution for your unique situation.