Lighting Up Your Retail Sales

Most retail owners know about marketing strategies such as product pricing, product placement, and promotion, but should product lighting be a consideration? Is it possible that with simple lighting adjustments you can improve your sales?

Studies show that with the right lighting retail sales can increase by as much as 12%.

So, what is the “right” lighting?

Imagine trying on clothes in a store and the color you choose looks a shade or two different when you get it home. Well, that was due to improper lighting. We already suspect that the mirrors are rigged to make us look better than reality. All kidding aside, this is an example where customer satisfaction can be improved by providing the proper lighting. 

In smaller, enclosed spaces you will want to use a warmer, softer light but still closer to daylight. For larger spaces, bright daylight lighting is recommended. Spot or accent lighting on specific product displays can also be utilized.

Picking the Right LED Lighting

LED lighting color temperature

What we are talking about is the color temperature for LED lights. Color temperature is a unit of measure expressed in kelvins (K).

  • At the lower end of the scale, from 2000K to 3000K, the light produced is called “warm white” and ranges from orange to yellow-white in appearance.
  • Color temperatures between 3100K and 4500K are referred to as “cool white” or “bright white.” Light bulbs within this range will emit a more neutral white light and may even have a slightly blue tint.
  • Above 4500K brings us into the “daylight” color temperature of light. Light bulbs with color temperatures of 4500K and above will give off a blue-white light that mimics daylight.

You can start drawing customers into your store with LED lighting outside that brightens your storefront. Maybe an accent light to show off your store’s name if you don’t already have an LED sign.

Extra Lighting Benefits

LED lighting not only brings the advantage of increasing sales, but it can also increase savings in energy and money, and even improve employee productivity.

From an environmental perspective, LEDs do not contain mercury and therefore have a smaller impact on the environment. Quality LED’s typically last three or four times longer than other choices and they use at least three or four times less electricity. The energy savings are significant, and they also have the advantage of saving maintenance costs. 

Energy Select can guide you to the perfect lighting for your office. Our attention to detail to improve your office lighting is customized to your situation. We have an expert team of advisors that will visit your site and can guide you through the process of the Small Business Solutions program offered by SMECO. We are the chosen contractor for St. Mary’s and Calvert counties.

To qualify you must have a commercial meter and use 60kw/month or less. This program offers a rebate of up to 80% on your lighting retrofit. If you are over 60/kW/month, there are smaller rebates, but the payoff is usually within 5 years, so it is still a good investment.

After reviewing the information presented, consider boosting your sales, energy savings, and your bottom line. Get an edge over the competition with lighting conducive to improved sales.