Lighting products are changing fast. In just a few years LED lights have taken over and, plain and simple, there is no longer a reason to buy anything else if you can afford the short term capital outlay.

Quality LED’s typically last three or four times longer than other choices and they use at least three or four times less electricity. The energy savings are enormous and they also have the advantage of saving maintenance costs.

Elevating Commercial Lighting:

Partnering with Experts in an Evolving Industry

Because there is a new level of sophistication in lighting design and the product offering is still maturing, a company is well served to work with an installer who operates in the arena all day, every day, and is up on the latest and greatest. Energy Select specializes in LED’s. In the past ten years we have completed over seven hundred commercial lighting retrofits in Southern Maryland.

We provide the best possible lighting solution because of our unmatched project experience and knowledge of new product offerings.

More importantly, we maintain unique pricing and sourcing agreements with both first line manufacturers and major supply houses so our prices are very competitive. Improved lighting does more than just lower the electric bill. Quality lighting enhances the working environment, increases safety, deters crime, improves the architectural design of your facility, improves employee productivity, and boosts your customer’s experience.

We participate in programs that help you lower your electric bill with LED lighting:

For Small Business

Small business can qualify for up to an 80% rebate for LED lighting retrofits. We are the sole provider for this program in Calvert and St. Mary’s counties. See our SMECO Small Business Solutions page to learn just how fast the LED lighting retrofit project pays for itself in energy savings alone, often in about one year.

For Large Business

For larger business, there are smaller rebates, but the payoff period is usually about five years, so that’s still a 20% return on investment.

Within the next few years, manufacturers will cease to manufacture the less efficient lights, so it’s a great idea to convert to LED now and start saving while there are rebates available.

Commercial LED Signs

Let’s not forget the lights hiding behind exterior signage, which are on many hours per week. These are some of the most expensive fixtures a business has and more rebates are available. Check out our Commercial Sign page for more information.

Your situation will be unique, so the first step is a no-cost lighting analysis focused on the existing fixtures. Our report will statistically demonstrate the savings that your new equipment will produce and point you to the best rebates for your situation.

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