No Contact Solar: Our COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Response

At Energy Select, we are committed to the safety of our employees, customers, and community. As a company, we reacted quickly to the global crisis and put several policies in place to continue serving our community in the safest way possible.

Our policy will improve as we receive the latest guidance from local, state, and national health officials. We intend to meet and exceed those requirements.

No Contact Assessment and Install

As a local company, part of our advantage is that we are high-contact in assisting our customers. We have invested in technology to make that contact as virtual as possible. Much of our work is done in the office such as permits, interconnection agreements, etc. Much of our work is done outside such as measuring, roof surveys, etc.

While we are still willing to maintain our social distance and meet at the home or business, we are also able to meet through video conferencing. Contracts can be delivered electronically and signed using the latest, secure eSignature technology.

What we are mandating to our Employees:

  • Our employees must stay home if they are sick or if other household members are sick.
  • Each employee is trained on reducing risk through handwashing, social distancing, minimizing touching surfacings, using gloves, tools, and device cleaning.
  • Our offices are closed to the public except by appointment.
  • We implemented and teleworking policy with as many employees as possible.
  • While the national directive is six feet of social distancing, we will maintain ten feet. Any work done in closer proximity will need gloves and a facemask.
  • We will only use one and two-man crews and not mix those crews any more than is necessary.

How We Are Using Technology:

  • In the initial evaluation of your future system, we are using satellite imagery where possible. If not possible, we conduct 3D drone imagery and never need to enter the home or business. We ask customers to send us any interior pictures we need.
  • We will utilize phone and video conferencing when possible. We can share our screen and virtually walk you through each step in the process
  • All documents are shared securely online and we invested in eSignature tools and training.
  • All unavoidable visits are done with plenty of notice and discussion of how to keep safe. For interior electrical us, customers can simply unlock the door and let us in and we don’t even need to see them except by video conference from one room to another.  

What We’re Asking from Our Customers:

  • Please help us to maintain an appropriate distance. 
  • If we are in your home or business, please keep all areas where we might work as clean and safe as possible.
  • If you are ill or have recently traveled to severely impacted areas, please inform us and we are happy to make whatever accommodations are appropriate to the circumstance.