Pluses and Minus of the Tesla EV Wall Charger

No doubt about it, Tesla changed the way we think about electric vehicles and changed the industry. Of course, if you want all those advantages, you need to be charged up and ready to go. When it comes to charging your Tesla at home, Tesla offers a Level 2 wall charger.

As with the cars, this is another great Tesla product, but before you rush out and get a Tesla charger, there are some factors you should consider when charging a Tesla at home or the office.


The Tesla charger is the fastest home charging option for your Tesla, and let’s face it, part of why you bought a Tesla is the speed. A Tesla wall charger will technically charge from empty to full about an hour faster than other high-end chargers, but the car will never be fully drained of power and in either case, it will be fully charged overnight. See our article about charging speed.


The Tesla wall charger is one of the least expensive chargers on the market. While saving money is great, there are often incentives tied to the price, so if another charger costs a little more, the real cost after the incentive may only be a fraction more.


A lot of the cool features of a Tesla charger come from the fact that the charger and the car are fully integrated systems. The port on the car opens automatically as you bring the charger cable closer. How cool is that!? On the other hand, the Tesla charger installation is only compatible with the Tesla. If that’s all you will ever own, great, but if you get another brand of an electric vehicle, you’ll need to get another charger.


There is no right or wrong answer. With the right information, you can make the best choice for yourself. We will work with you to find the best EV charger installation to match your needs.