Solar Energy in Lusby, Maryland

If you know the Ranch Club in Lusby, MD, you know it’s known for its maze-like streets and tree cover. On this particular project, the customer was looking to do some tree work anyway and included that in the payback of the system. Even with the cost of cutting some large trees, the solar system still had a great return on investment. But, cutting down trees doesn’t seem environmentally friendly, does it??? This particular system is the environmental CO2 equivalent of planting 4,412 trees! That’s a win!
  • Percent of Electric Bill covered: 111%
  • System Size (kW): 9
  • Annual Power Production: 8967 kWh
  • Average Monthly Production: 747.25 kWh
  • Average Daily Production: 24.55 kWh
  • Estimated CO2 Savings: 4.44 Tons
  • Solar Panels/Modules: Jinko
  • Solar Inverter: SolarEdge
  • Electric Utility: SMECO