Solar Energy in Mechanicsville, Maryland

This customer has a lot of electrical useage they wanted to offset by using solar power. Their roof was not going to give them the results that they wanted. So we came up with a creative solution to help cover them even better. Enter the combination solar system! This specific system has (22) panels on the roof, and another set of (24) panels on a pole-mount structure. Combined that gets this family a utility offset of 72% which equals paying 72% LESS of your pesky electric bill. Not to mention the great benefits they are now giving the environment.

  • Percent of Electric Bill covered: 72%
  • System Size (kW): 13
  • Annual Power Production: 17810 kWh
  • Average Monthly Production: 1,484.17 kWh
  • Average Daily Production: 48.76 kWh
  • Estimated CO2 Savings: 8.82 Tons
  • Solar Panels/Modules: Trina
  • Solar Inverter: SolarEdge
  • Electric Utility: SMECO