Solar Energy in Piney Point, Maryland

This residential solar project in Piney Point took some time! The homeowners were ready to go solar but wanted to complete their roof project first. Luckily, we can install on all roof types, including metal! This project drops the homeowner’s electric bill to $0 and will continue to save and make them money for the next 30 years!
  • Percent of Electric Bill covered: 101%
  • System Size (kW): 16
  • Annual Power Production: 17878 kWh
  • Average Monthly Production: 1,489.83 kWh
  • Average Daily Production: 48.95 kWh
  • Estimated CO2 Savings: 8.85 Tons
  • Solar Panels/Modules: Silfab
  • Solar Inverter: Enphase
  • Electric Utility: SMECO