Solar Energy in White Plains, Maryland

Did you know that you can not only go solar, but get a battery back up for that system as well? The battery back up helps to put your mind at ease for things like power outages, or time-of-use charges in some areas. This customer now produces their own solar energy and can store that power for when they need it later.
  • Percent of Electric Bill covered: 98%
  • System Size (kW): 10
  • Annual Power Production: 13409 kWh
  • Average Monthly Production: 1,117.42 kWh
  • Average Daily Production: 36.71 kWh
  • Estimated CO2 Savings: 6.64 Tons
  • Solar Panels/Modules: Trina
  • Solar Inverter: SolarEdge
  • Electric Utility: SMECO