Solar Panel Payback

While solar energy is a great technology, having the right partner to maximize your return on investment is important. We will work with you to find all the ways to maximize efficiency, maximize solar energy production, and take advantage of solar incentives tied to your solar system. Most systems can fully pay for themselves within eight to twelve years and they are warrantied to produce energy for 25 years. Much of the return comes from capitalizing on all of the programs and solar incentives. Check those out on our solar incentive page

Before incentives, a great return starts with a great solar system design.

Sizing and Designing the Right Solar System

You get the most value out of a system when it is sized to your unique situation. No two homes or businesses are the same. We want to design your solar system to offset 101% of your current electric bill and factor in future energy increases or reductions. That means we design the solar system to produce just a tiny bit more electricity than you need. If the system is too small, you are not getting all the value. If the system is too big, the utility will only pay you a fraction of the retail rate for excess electricity. Future considerations are a big factor. For example, technology is moving fast and electric cars are more prevalent. If the system is too small after you get that electric car 6 years from now you will wish you had installed a bigger solar system.

Because we are an energy conservation and production company, we’ll inspect the home or business and see what options might be available to simultaneously conserve energy. We partner with local utilities to tap into rebate programs for energy improvements that may help us reduce the size of the system. Check out the links to these programs: