SolarEdge Energy Hub vs. Tesla’s Powerwall Battery backup: Which ones right for you?

For many, something as mundane as inverters might just be the thing to get excited about. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate your choices properly to optimize the energy consumption of your home.  With all the popularity surrounding Tesla, it is not surprising that people often overlook other potentially better-performing energy storage systems. SolarEdge Energy Hub, a hybrid inverter, is a perfect example that outmatches Tesla’s Powerwall Battery in various factors.

Benefits of SolarEdge Energy Hub over Tesla's Powerwall Battery: Efficiency and DC Oversizing

A holistic comparison reveals that our SolarEdge Energy Hub curates a smart energy ecosystem that backs up power by improving efficiency and reducing waste and bills. The culmination of these factors leads to smart harvesting and management of power in photovoltaic (PV) systems. You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand the outperforming capabilities of our Hybrid Inverter battery backup, as these facts are supported by impressive numbers. SolarEdge

Energy Hub has a competing 99% weighted CEC efficiency and 200% DC oversizing. Our Energy Hub inverter allows you to backup and draws 5kW from the battery during an outage, and additional batteries could be stacked for 10kW or 15kW in the backup.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s Powerwall has a round-trip efficiency of 89%, due to inconvenient additional conversions in instances of energy flow from DC to AC, and then again to DC. We don’t expect you to be an adept technician to notice the obvious advantage of this, but that’s the equivalent of going to the 8th floor via elevator just to get back to the 3rd floor. Additionally, unlike our hybrid inverter, Powerwall’s built-in inverter is unable to isolate or island itself from the grid during an outage, therefore rendering it useless for off-grid installations. Moreover, the Powerwall is an AC battery, so it requires an additional inverter to function, while the SolarEdge Energy Hub is a whole package.

SolarEdge EnergyHub: Economical and Adaptability

The SolarEdge Energy Hub remains unparalleled in its functionality due to its combination of various home inverters in one. It is preconfigured for Smart EV chargers, with zero DC to AC conversions, and pre-built-in consumption and production meters that provide insight for energy upgrades due to consumers’ ever-evolving energy needs. Our game-changing energy storage system eliminates the need for conversion of DC power, from solar installation to AC and back to DC for the sole purpose of storing it in a battery. It also enables quick and simple installation and terminates the need for the main panel upgrade, regardless of it being connected to multiple batteries and or inverters.

With our economical and simple-to-install hybrid inverter, you will surely be able to avoid unnecessary hurdles in optimizing your home’s energy consumption.